2. Receive an Unknown

Activity 1: Vocabulary Grab Bag

In this activity, students are divided into pairs or groups of three. Groups are then paired up. Group A is asked to come up with a “grab bag” of vocabulary from a given unit including a set number of nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

The vocabulary list is given to Group B. The group members use all the words to create a story and briefly illustrate it.

Group B then combines with Group A and narrates (not reads) the stories while presenting the illustration. Group A then shares their story with Group B.

Activity 2: Play-Doh Alien Invasion

Ask students to pair up and provide each with a can of Play-Doh. Ask them to make the most creative alien they can in 60 seconds.

Have them trade aliens with another group and explain that the alien crash-landed on Earth and has amnesia. The students have five minutes to come up with the alien’s backstory that they will then orally present to the group that originally made it. This activity may work well with past tense structures.

Activity 3: Who Will I Be?

· First, ask students to create masks based on the unit of study (e.g. character, animal, or object). The masks are made out of a sheet of paper, folded in half. No scissors are needed.

· In groups of three or four, students pass their masks on to the next group who has to create a spontaneous dialogue or role-play with the masks given to them.